Thursday, February 10, 2011

Top Sales Mentor Closing Technique - Puppy Dog Closing

Sales Mentor Puppy Dog Closing

Have you always been struggling on your selling? Well if you’re looking for a sales closing technique for any tangible product, today’s sales mentor lesson is one of the best closing techniques you can use.

This technique is called, the Puppy Dog Close. Yup, it’s really called that way, though it may sound irrelevant to sales closing. After I explain the entire concept of the Puppy Dog Close, I promise the name will all make sense.

Imagine yourself you going to a pet shop, wherein you plan to buy a dog for your son. While browsing the puppies in the glass window, you spot a very cute Golden Retriever puppy. So you go inside the pet shop ask the sales agent if you can hold him and somewhat “inspect” this very cute puppy.

At first you are joyful to cuddle the puppy, and you admire your cuteness. You are almost 90% convince that you are on verge of getting the credit card to pay for the cute Golden Retriever. But upon further thinking, you ask yourself – is my son going to like this puppy as well?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Sales Technique By Giving Something for Free.

Sales Technique By Giving Something for Free
Well, it did not take me long to get you a sales mentor lesson in just a few days. So for today’s sales mentor tip, we will discuss a very common way to sell, especially on the long term. This concept is called the Free Concept.

Yup, I know you already have an idea from the title of the sales concept alone. Simply put, you give something for FREE in exchange for your prospects trust and to create tangible value for your product.

In my experience, this is one of the best ways to improve your sales without much effort on sales persuasion and sales presentations.

This technique is most effective when you are introducing a new product or a new line of products. But the problem here comes if for example your business or company has very limited, hence this getting more sales using the Free Concept is only good for businesses that have a good budget for the free. Although there are certain ways to apply the free concept to grow your sales but that is another future sales mentor lesson.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sales Mentor Is Back and Re-vamp to A New Sales Training Series

Welcome Back Sales Mentor

It’s been a while since sales mentor online has given you tips in your selling endeavor, and I must admit, life has certainly been blessing your sales mentor with many business opportunities.

I am now a fulltime entrepreneur and no longer depend on a job to make a living. Also that I have already given up my sales and distribution business in Bacolod City, Philippines. Though that sales business was also providing for me, it could not produce the passive income which I was looking for.

After my resignation as sales manager of the biggest local company in the Philippines, I am now FREE of a boss. I had already got over the feeling of being so needy of a job, and finally move to a better life of purpose and more selling success.

But here’s the thing, if you’re an avid reader of my sales mentor blog, I can no longer update my post as much I wanted to. Due to certain demands in my business and the many websites that I now maintain (as an Internet Marketer), my time is limited and dedicated to many businesses.


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