Sunday, May 2, 2010

Believe In What You Sell!

This is the start of a new series of sales mentor lessons. Since we already got through the needed mindset and basic definitions, we will now discuss on the actual selling process.

How to start selling.

In a formal sales program, often, the sales training begins directly with the discussion on what is sales flow, persuasive selling, closing techniques, but for me this is all useless unless you start with this mindset - "Believe in what you sell".

Being a sales mentor and a salesperson myself, I've seen many salespeople directly jump start without really understanding their own product and more importantly, believing in their own product.

Believe me, being a "loyal customer" alone of what you sell improves 50% of your average closing. When you believe and also use what you sell, there's no objection strong enough for you.

I remember back when I was selling health insurance, I had a very hesitant prospect. During my presentation, almost all the materials I presented seem to have an "attached" objection with him. In my mind I was already having doubts about him buying, but when I was about to finish he suddenly asked - did you buy a health care program for yourself?

My answer was a quick yes, and I shared to him how the product got beneficial for me as a person. Slowly he began changing his views and taking in consideration the wonderful experience I had with my personal health care program. In the end, my entire presentation was almost useless, what my prospect needed was actually a sort of testimonial from a real user of the product. He ended up buying health care not only for himself but for his entire family.

This kind of sales situation is more common than you think. In fact, in my entire sales career, I usually talk about my personal experience of the products I sell rather than the product itself. Remember our sales lesson 3? - Features tell but Benefits close the sale. Also, when you're the prospect, you would rather trust a person who has fully used or experienced the product being offered to you rather than someone who only knows how to sell the product.

Now in starting your path towards "sales greatness", chose only to sell products that you have fully used and have personally understood the benefits it has to offer, especially how it has helped you in your life. Or if you're offering a service and you have not used it due to usability issues, try citing an example of another customer that has fully used the product you're selling.

A friendly warning to salespeople.

Never pretend that you have used your product when in reality you haven't really used it. There is only a thin line between closing a sale and trust, and I urge you to go for trust (most people call this being a BS salesman).

Believing in your product doesn't necessarily mean you have to exaggerate its uses and benefits that you have experienced personally. Actually, this happens because we tend to have a bias on our products that we personally use and sell at the same time. Just a reminder, be real and only talk of actual benefits the product has given you and other loyal customers as well.

I hope I have made it clear to you, selling starts with belief in the products and services that you sell.

That's it for today and I hope you've learn something on my sales mentor lesson.

Dedicated to your selling success.

Sales Mentor TM.



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