Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Sales Mentor Lesson on INTEGRITY

Based on our last lesson, we talked about Opening an online sales store, and what is needed to succeed in that kind of sales based business.

And that is Integrity....

Integrity to deliver the promises you are making about your product.
Integrity to actually deliver the product on the committed time and date.
Integrity to walk the talk.

Now here's what a lot of the people on twitter said about integrity.

intr0v3rt : @bow_sineath  I choose integrity over anything & everything. I like sleeping at night. :)

EZwarensteyn : EK represented Michigan today with integrity and academic tenacity! We are proud.

GiveABrick : @LucyAnnabel  lol. Direct ;) Although if they're pinching your stuff they prob have little interest in integrity & paying you ;)

AuthorAlchemy : Right action means you take proven steps in alignment with your integrity. http://www.getpublishedcoach.com/id54.html

ZtheWayfarer : @SherineT Love the rhetoric of your Kosher iPad piece. I admire your integrity, it's something you can't find in journalists anymore.

ALIChurch94 : Trust includes confidence character (integrity and intent) and competence (capability and results).

Patr1ckL : RT @PGammo: John Boehner is proof that tanning booths are dangerous to one's brain and integrity.

mannafred : Integrity, Loving, Caring, Real People, Has God given you a need or a thirst to help others in an impactfull way? FrednGail.com.

We can make all the sales pitch about how great our products are, yet with one person questioning our integrity, it will greatly affect our effectiveness as salespeople.

All the sales that we close will no longer matter once we have lost our integrity. As they say, reputation takes a lifetime to build and just seconds to destroy. Also take note that a single customer questioning our integrity, will slowly drag us down on our sales movements and successful sales calls.

Word will spread like wildfire and gradually mistrust among your customers will begin to eat up your usual sales revenue or worse, it may end your job or business.

On the other side, a salesperson's reliable integrity will follow you anywhere you go. For example, I used to work for the number one hotdog company in the Philippines but when I was acquired by another hotdog company which was the third largest player on that product segment, most of my customers transferred to the new brand that I was carrying.

When I asked them why they were willing to work with me with the new company, their answers were "Why not? We are buying your integrity as a salesperson not the brand that you were selling". Now that's what I call the power of integrity. They trusted me because all the time that I was their sales agent, I delivered every commitment I made with them. I inform them of price changes, product usability, branding, merchandising, and most of all I was concerned of their business.

Now go and be a walking salesperson full of integrity and pride, we live to deliver what we sell.

Dedicated to your selling success.

Sales Mentor TM.   


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