Monday, April 26, 2010

Opening an Online Sales Store and Bad Ebay Items

Today's Lesson Involves Products Being sold on Ebay and how it has changed the trend in selling indirectly or in an "automated way".

Since the start of operations of Ebay, there has been a move on the opening of many online stores in the Philippines like Ayosdito,, and Ebay Philippines.

Selling in an "automated way" has really made a distinct change in the market but I have to remind you, it also has many flaws. Although I urge you as your sales mentor to start trying selling online to improve and grow your sales but please also make sure that you do not abuse this kind of advantage in technology.

Just like what I always say as a sales mentor, "deliver what you sell". With the advance in technology, we too must advance in our integrity as salespeople if we truly care for our business.

To give you an example, here's a few of what people on Twitter say about bad items sold on

Hoe_How_Much : #BadEbayItems - Biggie small asthma pump.

JitTheBeast : #BadEbayItems - lawrence fishburne's ike turner wig from whats love got to do with it

iim_Uniique : RT @MrMarcusII - #BadEbayItems  Durex condoms.

Always_Mel : #Badebayitems - 1day old infant girl + Pamper's diapers (year supply).

MRJSTAR1 : RT @AndyAyy: #BadEbayItems - Draft Advice From the Oakland Raiders.

ellelovesgaga : #badebayitems - the broken mp3 players my dad buys and expects me to spend my time fixing.

JacquiLosseff : a "real" gucci bag selling for over $500 but has no picture to look at LOL #BadEbayItems.

TheNewBillyD : #BadEbayItems - @iamdiddy s DVD guide to having a long career in music industry.

Richie0nBeats : #BadEbayItems - Soulja Boy's Life collection of music.

queenkms : #BadEbayItems - That BIG FOOT those red necks tried to pass off as a discovery of the *Real Thing* a few years ago.

I actually saw more than a thousand tweets in twitter that talked of bad Ebay items, so I remind that selling is 80% integrity. When you try to sell something online, please deliver what you sell or you will completely ruin the online store industry.

Dedicated to our selling success.

Sales Mentor TM.


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