Friday, March 25, 2011

Sales Mentor Closing Advice - The Ultimate Pause

sales mentor lesson the ultimate pause
"The Ultimate Pause"
Hi everyone, welcome back to your sales basics techniques and strategies. Again, for this series we will continuously focus on sales closing techniques that will help you in your sales career.

So for this week’s sales mentor lesson on closing skills, we will talk about the “ultimate pause”. Honestly the “ultimate pause” closing technique is just a name I made myself. You can’t find it in technical sales books from Zig Ziglar or any sales book for that matter.

I call this technique ultimate because even with its simplicity, the result that it gives me has always been a surprise.

This sales closing technique is so simple, I believe that this should be the beginning strategies used by first time salespersons. So here’s the simple process of this sales closing technique:

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sales Mentor Online 1st Year Anniversary!

sales mentor online 1st year anniversary
Hooray! Yippee! Yeah!

Congrats to us! This is the first year anniversary of your very own Sales Mentor Online!

Thank you so much for all the people who visited my website. Thank you also for the people who gave their honest comments about my theories in Sales and Marketing. I really appreciate your comments whether it is positive or negative.

Thank you also for my followers. I also acknowledge that there are actually many followers for sales mentor online, they did not just officially click the follow button.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Sales Closing Technique - Call to Action

sales closing technique call to action
I remember learning this sales mentor lesson; it was actually the first sales closing techniques I’ve learned. This closing technique is called, the call to action.

I’ve had many experiences that have good products and good presentations yet at the end they forget something very important, and it is giving the prospect the “call” to “action”, otherwise known as the option to buy.

Remember that we are now leaving in a very busy world. Everyone’s in a hurry. If you take too much of their time or give them too many options, they won’t buy. Or worse, if the options are unclear, they would not buy either.

So how do you correct this?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sales Mentor Closing Advice - Make up in Numbers!

sales mentor make up in numbers
Today I will reveal to you one of the biggest secrets why “hardcore” network marketers can close much more deals than normal salespersons out there. The secret, they make on numbers.

For example if a normal salesperson can close 9 out 10 deals per day, a network marketer will make by talking to 100 people per day. Even if his product is not as popular as those sold by multi-national sales people he makes up in order. If he can close at least 20% of his prospects, then he has beaten the normal sales person by 110% of his closing numbers.

Although this is just a theoretical example since it would be impossible for anyone to talk to 100 prospects per day (except when using leverage), but the example shows why most network marketers earn more than high-paid sales people.


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