Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sales Mentor Closing Advice - Make up in Numbers!

sales mentor make up in numbers
Today I will reveal to you one of the biggest secrets why “hardcore” network marketers can close much more deals than normal salespersons out there. The secret, they make on numbers.

For example if a normal salesperson can close 9 out 10 deals per day, a network marketer will make by talking to 100 people per day. Even if his product is not as popular as those sold by multi-national sales people he makes up in order. If he can close at least 20% of his prospects, then he has beaten the normal sales person by 110% of his closing numbers.

Although this is just a theoretical example since it would be impossible for anyone to talk to 100 prospects per day (except when using leverage), but the example shows why most network marketers earn more than high-paid sales people.

Applied to our topic (sales closing techniques), if you want to close more deals make sure to schedule more appointments. Although just like world renowned sales mentor Zig Ziglar, I too do not completely agree that you just increase your sales by making up in numbers, you also need to improve your selling skills as well.

So my suggestion for you is still make up in numbers and the same time, continue learning more closing techniques. Furthermore, as I have always expressed understand your customers more.

Well, that it for today’s sales mentor tip. Make sure to follow us next time.

Good luck in your sales next sales call!

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