Friday, March 25, 2011

Sales Mentor Closing Advice - The Ultimate Pause

sales mentor lesson the ultimate pause
"The Ultimate Pause"
Hi everyone, welcome back to your sales basics techniques and strategies. Again, for this series we will continuously focus on sales closing techniques that will help you in your sales career.

So for this week’s sales mentor lesson on closing skills, we will talk about the “ultimate pause”. Honestly the “ultimate pause” closing technique is just a name I made myself. You can’t find it in technical sales books from Zig Ziglar or any sales book for that matter.

I call this technique ultimate because even with its simplicity, the result that it gives me has always been a surprise.

This sales closing technique is so simple, I believe that this should be the beginning strategies used by first time salespersons. So here’s the simple process of this sales closing technique:

IntroductionBody (sales presentation)Q&A (preferably very short)Pausethen get order (offer to buy)

That’s how simple this process. You just start with a very short and simple introduction like “Sir, would like to enjoy your computer more?”, if the answer is yes you proceed with entire presentation. Of course your presentation should include good visuals and emotional points. Or if you’re a telemarketer make sure that you tell an appropriate story so that the prospect can visualize it and be emotionally attached.

Once presentation is finish have a very short Q&A preferably between 5-10 minutes. Of course validate the questions first before actually answering.

Now do the ultimate pause (2 minutes). Don’t talk. Don’t ask anything. Just let the prospect browse through presentation and think.

Then finally get your order slip and ask him how many he will buy. You will be surprised of the results of this technique. It will surely give more sales in your monthly sales report.
Although this is given the fact that you made a good presentation, but never underestimate the power of the “ultimate pause”.

Now use this technique in your current call. Test it out. And you’ll find out for yourself if it’s really effective.

This your sales mentor online, saying happy selling.

Good luck and closing more deals!


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