Monday, March 7, 2011

Sales Closing Technique - Call to Action

sales closing technique call to action
I remember learning this sales mentor lesson; it was actually the first sales closing techniques I’ve learned. This closing technique is called, the call to action.

I’ve had many experiences that have good products and good presentations yet at the end they forget something very important, and it is giving the prospect the “call” to “action”, otherwise known as the option to buy.

Remember that we are now leaving in a very busy world. Everyone’s in a hurry. If you take too much of their time or give them too many options, they won’t buy. Or worse, if the options are unclear, they would not buy either.

So how do you correct this?

Give them the option to buy right after the first sign of interest.

In fact it’s not even that necessary to finish a presentation. I even had a client before that because he trusted me so much, I would just send the product right away.

So for today’s sales mentor lesson, it’s a simple closing technique and a reminder to all salespeople as well. Give them to option to buy right away. Make it short. Make it brief and easy.

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Good luck in your selling!


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