Thursday, April 28, 2011

Shocking Truth About Wedding of The Century - Prince William and Kate

wedding of the century Prince William and Kate
Well it seems kinda weird for me as your sales mentor to make an article about today's wedding of the century, but honestly there's a sales lesson on this wedding as well. Actually it's more of a group of lessons as well.

First sales lesson and probably the most important is that how the royal family has "pre-sold" the wedding of a royal blood. Let's be totally honest with all of us, there just human beings. Hey they maybe of "royal" blood but aren't we all are? Jesus Christ died for us all, and only for princesses and princes of the world. In other words, this plain marketing and sales. This was hyped up by the previous royals that a prince being married is a dream come true for any woman. In other words, it has been embedded in the human brain that is really a "dream come true". The world has already been programmed to think this way. With only proves more, that this is a marketing issue.

Second sales lesson is that it is only a hype or in the case of a market trend - a fad. Once all the glitter is gone. The real faces will come out. Frankly I think, though many are supporting Prince William and Kate, there royals that are in agreement to the wedding. But since that public is in expectation, they will wait for the right moment to strike. I'm not saying we don't buy the hype, we should, but we also need to conscious in reading between the lines.

Third sales lesson, everybody loves an emotional story. We all know that as marketers and sales people, telling stories are the best ways to convince and close the sale. So they are telling the story so well that everyone is buying.

Well, I think I have said enough. To be honest, I am a fan of the wedding as well but I tend to look at things differently. Well see you at the wedding.

Your sales mentor online, signing off.


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