Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sales Mentor - Closing the Sale using Visual Aids

sales mentor selling with visual aids
For today's sales mentor lesson we will now talk of the effectiveness in having a good presentation material to ensure a salesperson closes the sale.

To tackle this topic we need a little background in Psychology. Don't worry I'm not going to talk about parts of your brain or any Psychology concepts to make you understand this topic.

All you need to know as a salesperson is this; when you target audio 15% of the person's attention is with you; if you use audio with proper diction and voice stress you are able to target a preson's attention by 45%; and lastly if you use audio with stress and include visual aids in your presentation 95% of the person's attention is with you.

I'm stressing this point because I want to remind all people out there, that your visuals play a good role as well in closing any sale.

And also know that it is a combination of both audio-visual techniques that can get 95% of a prospects attention.

Although there are some cases that even if you do not have any visuals you could close the sale. This only proves that there certain customers that are really ready to buy from what you have to offer. The problem with any business is that an average of only 3.7% are ready buyers and the rest are buyers that need to know they need your product.

So to ensure that people listens to what you have to sell have really good visual aids in your selling. In fact this not only apply to selling but to promotion, advertising, and marketing as well.

Knowing this importance reminds you to have the end in mind that prospects need visuals as well.

That's all for today's sales mentor lesson. Next time we will talk of the "rules" of having effective visual aids.

Happy selling!


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