Friday, June 24, 2011

6 Best Practices In Sales Presentations the Sales Mentor Way

As mention on our last sales mentor topic, we will now go unto the details of having a very convincing sales presentation.

In my experience in selling, I noticed that most sales presentations lack what I call icings on the cake. These “icings” are so important that it increases your sales closing percentage to at least 15%. These “icings” if used properly will often be compelling enough to close the sale.

Below are my lists of “icings” that I personally use in my sales presentations:

1. Make the presentation relevant to your prospect.

Almost any salesperson can make a good presentation if just trained well but not every can convert their presentation as relevant to the prospect as possible. 

2. Create a good relationship between your product/service towards your prospect

We all know that in this world relationships will be one of the main factors of success. So if you can create a good relationship between your prospect and your product and include it in your sales presentation that would be one very convincing “icing” why the prospect will buy.  

3. Be brief but full of meat.

In this very fast phase of the technology age, time to each person is something so valuable that we tend to fight over it. So make sure that your sales presentation is brief enough to hit a home run and meaty enough to top off the spaghetti.

4. Be as animated as possible.

An average human being has attention span of 3-4 minutes, so you need to include in your presentation animated ways to keep the person’s eyeballs focused on your presentation. But don’t overdo it though; it should be a balance between being animated enough and not boring as well.
5. Stress a need in every aspect.

I don’t think that I need to remind you of our only rule in selling, so I guess you already know that to sell, you must first find the end. So in relation to your sales presentation always focus on that need of the prospect.

6. Believe in your product more than anyone else.

I would like to stress this last “icing” on your sales presentation since from experience I have often seen very good presentations but I see something lacking in the sales people selling it. And the lack is belief and confidence in their product. Never try to sell something that you don’t believe in. Your prospects will really sense. They will sniff it out of you and they will know that your selling a product that you don’t believe in.

Now that is what I call a sales presentation that is certain to close the sale. But also remember that what I stated above are merely guidelines in a sales presentation and not rules. So go ahead and test them for yourself and use the results that give you a higher sales call closing.

Well, that’s it for your sales mentor online. Happy selling and have a great weekend!


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