Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pilipinas Got Talent Season 2 Grand Champion

It was quite a long competition on Pilipinas Got Talent (PGT) season 2 and finally we have a winner.

The person with the most talent and the most cunning attitude is to be announced tonight, but I am making my own declaration of winners. Yup, as a sales mentor I am not only good at mentoring you on your selling skills, but I am very opinionated as well. Hehehe

Well, I have only 3 bets on Pilipinas Got Talent season 2 and they were all difficult choices. And I will be writing about them and ranking them from 3rd place and grand champion.

My 3rd placer for Pilipinas Got Talent season 2 would be Rico the Magician. He shows great form and definitely some unique magic. Just like what Mr. Rico said he has shown magic that no magician has known all over the world. And the reason that Mr. Rico is just third place because he showed the “stabbing act” which was already done often in magic around the world.

For the second and grand champion of PGT season 2, it’s really a difficult choice. Yet in any competition there has to be one winner. My two choices are “The Madrigal Siblings” and Marcelino Pomoy. But the 2nd placer for me would be the Madrigal Singers.

Why? Simply because I think the kind of singing that they do should be done in Broadway not in competitions like Pilipinas Got Talent season 2. And besides their voicing really had oneness in it but there were really pitchy notes especially in the end part.

Obviously, you now know who my Pilipinas Got Talent season 2 grand champion is. It’s is no other than songbird Marcelino Pomoy. In the start of his singing on the last episodes of PGT, I really didn’t like his voice. He was always singing in falsetto. He couldn’t keep up with his breathing. And sounded like a man trying to be Regine Velasquez. But as he sang yesterday; when I heard his natural voice, I heard the real voice that he had. So kudos to Marcelino Pomoy for being Pilipinas Got Talent season 2 grand champion.

So enjoy relieving his singing moment on yesterday’s championship round. See you for more selling lessons.


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