Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Sales Lesson Marketing By Default

Today, I really had the inspiration to write about something I noticed from a very close friend of mine. This friend is also in the sales industry, and is also a fellow sales mentor to his team as well.

With my friend, I noticed something different from many salespeople that is very uncommon which being “marketing by default”.

What do I mean by “marketing by default”?

It means that he markets his company with no BS, no Hype, and in fact without any promotional strategies. He markets and sells so naturally, that he doesn’t seem to be selling at all. Some clients that has lately close didn’t even that he already close them.

I may sound to be exaggerating here, but I’m telling the truth. He his that good at selling.

In reality the difference is in his attitude towards his selling. He genuinely believes in what he sells. He is a walking marketing material himself.

So my sales mentor lesson for today is simple. Be a marketing campaign for your own product. If your product is a perfume, use that brand of perfume everyday. If your product is a health product then use that product. (Of course this given that the product you are using is good for your health.)

So go ahead and use this simple but very effective technique. Be a marketing merchandise by default.


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