Friday, July 19, 2013

Sales Mentor Online is Still Here - It is here to Stay for GOOD!

It is quite inspiring that after a few years sales mentor online is still here. Well, frankly it will be here to stay.

I have been busy lately, and have new businesses to attend to but I as much I as I can I will try my very best to share to everyone the very best sales practices that I have learn. Especially the ones that really work.

It has been so different coming from the consumer industry, towards selling that investments and insurance product. The kind of selling and marketing are very varied. Of course the fundamentals in closing are kind of similar, but the approach is very different.

Selling has always been a very big part of my life. Not only professionally but as well as personally.

The journey continues for me, as a sales mentor and as well as serial entrepreneur. Really teaching people not only in sales but in life in general.

This officially declares that the sales mentor FREE coaching is still open. For consultation and any inquiries. Of course it remains paid. But if you just want to avail the free lessons, it still posted in this website. As well as you can request for my Ebooks and other business lessons.

Happy selling everyone,

Sales Mentor Online


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