Monday, July 22, 2013

Selling is Just an Idea Away - As well as Business

It all starts with an idea.

In any business venture, it all starts from an Idea. Whether conceptually correct or not, I don't care. Business comes from ideas.

Everyone has an idea. Making it into a business, now that's a different story.

But I like to focus on the concept of having an idea. Why? Because again we all have ideas. And "sell" to as many people as we like.

Yeah, we "sell" of sorts of ideas. From our favorite movies, actors, cards, banks, restaurants, hobbies, and even sport icons. We tell people about everything we think of often.

This is actually one of the main reasons why I believe selling is a natural skill for everyone. It goes to say that for you to learn to sell, you have to love the idea. Or in this case the product/service that you are offering.

My first job as a regular sales person started with this. I sold ice cream. And men, did I love ice cream (who doesn't?). And I believe one of the main reasons that I was successful my selling career is because I always sold what I wanted to sell.

I guess, for employees it's a bit harder. Because you don't get to choose the products that your company wants you to sell. But irregardless, just remember to sell with idea.

Let be the first comeback lesson for sales mentor online.

Happy selling,

Sales Mentor Online 


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