Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What Sales Career to Start With - Choosing the Right Sales Career

After having an idea on what to sell or choosing the "right" industry for you, which brings me to our next sales training topic which is "where to start your sales career".

I often here this line a lot from beginning sales people, "I enjoy selling but I don't think I'm in the right industry".

From experience alone, I can tell that this where we draw the line from professional salespeople and "just-salespeople". It is where we separate the boys from the men, as they say.

Why? Because technically if you are a true-blood sales professional you can sell anything and anywhere. Of course there are many factors to consider in really entering a sales career.

First and foremost like I always say everybody can sell. With the right training and technology to match the product/service, everybody can really sell. But being in the right industry makes your sales career a lot easier.

The first few things you need to consider is your point of enjoyment or interest. If you passionately talk about it, most likely selling products related to your passion is way easier to sell.

Next advantage is that being updated on your field/industry is vital in a sales career. And when your passion is on that industry, it is almost natural to you to get updated of the industry.  

Although in most cases you don't get to choose who employs you, but when you have done or had a good tenure in a sales career, on moving forward you can already start choosing.

And best yet, start choosing now. Good luck on your sales career.

Happy Selling,

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