Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Growth is Found in Regular Sales Training

Today's lesson will be very simple and back to basic principles in selling.

In all sales careers there is one common denominator, and that is really the love for continuous learning.

I believe that is one of the biggest difference with my sales career. I continuously attend sales trainings and seminars to grow me personally. When I started my career, I always knew continuous training and upgrading of skills and even technology is the key to being a success.

Even know as a sales mentor and business consultant, I still do my best to learn a lot. I read books daily. Most of them, are close to my beliefs which is being a Christian, and also business and success books.

I devour books everyday to extend myself and really learn knew things. Even much more greater is that, I also get new ideas from reading books and applying it in my life. Which in that aspect alone, makes me head and shoulders above others.

Also I assign a portion of my income not only to spend on needs and vacations; I also assign a portion of my income for investing in trainings and seminars.

Now I personally do my own seminars and coaching events, but I have never forgotten the value of continuous growth through training and attending valuable seminars from people that I really respect.

So the remember that always as sales people, we need to continuously seek training both internally (in your company) and externally (other sources). If your company does not provide for you, it is my suggestion that you seek on your own.

Happy selling,

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