Thursday, February 10, 2011

Top Sales Mentor Closing Technique - Puppy Dog Closing

Sales Mentor Puppy Dog Closing

Have you always been struggling on your selling? Well if you’re looking for a sales closing technique for any tangible product, today’s sales mentor lesson is one of the best closing techniques you can use.

This technique is called, the Puppy Dog Close. Yup, it’s really called that way, though it may sound irrelevant to sales closing. After I explain the entire concept of the Puppy Dog Close, I promise the name will all make sense.

Imagine yourself you going to a pet shop, wherein you plan to buy a dog for your son. While browsing the puppies in the glass window, you spot a very cute Golden Retriever puppy. So you go inside the pet shop ask the sales agent if you can hold him and somewhat “inspect” this very cute puppy.

At first you are joyful to cuddle the puppy, and you admire your cuteness. You are almost 90% convince that you are on verge of getting the credit card to pay for the cute Golden Retriever. But upon further thinking, you ask yourself – is my son going to like this puppy as well?

The sales agent then goes back to asking you, “well sir, should I give you the documents so that I can already own this cute puppy?”. Then you answer the sales agent, “honestly I like this cute puppy, but I’m not sure if my son will like it”. Then the sales agent answers, “if you really like the puppy sir, you can take it home and let your son and yourself spend time with it and if you don’t decide after a few days you can return it to our pet shop”. The prospect then proceeds to pay for the puppy with a condition to return within a certain period of time, hence this now is the Puppy Dog closing technique.

How’s that for a sales closing? You give the prospect more value by taking him another notch higher.

Why is this technique very effective?

First, you give the prospect a chance to fully feel your excellent product. Second, the product will penetrate the inner psychology of your prospect, wherein he will have a feeling of ownership once he has brought your product home. This psychology is so strong that 90% of the time, they no longer consider returning the product.

Third and most important, you already have very important information about the prospect like his credit card, name, address, contact information and email. Whether he returns the product or not, you continuously now have permission to send this prospect more information about the product. The information you send can be more powerful when you use promotional marketing and sales discounts to your prospect, giving him more reasons to buy.

Important note: The product you allow your prospect take home must be
of great quality to fit the prospects inner most desires and needs, so the closing of your prospects is 100% assured.

Well that's it for today’s sales mentor lesson.

So you next time in our future sales training tips and lessons.

Dedicated to your selling success,

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