Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Sales Technique By Giving Something for Free.

Sales Technique By Giving Something for Free
Well, it did not take me long to get you a sales mentor lesson in just a few days. So for today’s sales mentor tip, we will discuss a very common way to sell, especially on the long term. This concept is called the Free Concept.

Yup, I know you already have an idea from the title of the sales concept alone. Simply put, you give something for FREE in exchange for your prospects trust and to create tangible value for your product.

In my experience, this is one of the best ways to improve your sales without much effort on sales persuasion and sales presentations.

This technique is most effective when you are introducing a new product or a new line of products. But the problem here comes if for example your business or company has very limited, hence this getting more sales using the Free Concept is only good for businesses that have a good budget for the free. Although there are certain ways to apply the free concept to grow your sales but that is another future sales mentor lesson.

Going back to the Free Concept, essentially it has three parts. A Good product, a very good product, and a very excellent product.

You start by giving a Free sample of your good product then with a soft sale to your very good product or in exchange for valuable information like name, email and contact information. Of course, don’t forget to get the feedback from the new customer who just tried your product.

After that you continuously you add important information about your product, that again involves a soft sale to your very good product. Finally, once the customer has become a “fan” of your product then you hard sell for him to become a long term and loyal customer.

Starting from there on you leverage and take care of that relationship of trust that you have with your customer and further bring him more products to sell.

Well that’s it for this weeks sales mentor lesson. See you in our future sales lessons and sales trainings.

Dedicated to your selling success.

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