Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Sales Person's Life Is Always Closing!

Just a while ago I was at a Jollibee outlet. As usual I had to line up to the counter in order to get what I want to eat.

The young girl (probably in her teens) greeted me with a wonderful smile saying, "hello sir, welcome to Jollibee, can I take your order?". I got a bit startled cause I was currently texting my wife that I am already waiting for her at the store.

To share this in our sales mentor lesson, I need to write how our conversation went (pardon to those who are currently starving).
Me : Please give me a cheese burger.

Cashier: Would that be a meal (with fries and drinks) Sir, or just cheese burger.
Me : A meal.
Cashier : Would you like Coke or Sprite for you drinks Sir?
Me : Coke please
Cashier : Want to "Go LARGE" your coke Sir?
Me : Sure
Cashier : How about your fries sir? Want to "Go Large" it as well, you'll just add ten pesos for both the Coke and the fries.
Me : Sure, please
Cashier : How about pair it with a Choco Sundae Sir?
Me : Nope, that would be all.
Cashier : That will be for Ninety-nine Pesos only sir

Note: During our entire conversation, the Cashier was smiling all throughout, in other words she kept her game face on.

After our conversation, I just realized, hey all through out our conversation I was being closed. The young Cashier (actually a salesperson in my eyes), was actually closing the sale on me all the time.

I remembered a very important sales mentor lesson that I learned from Robert Kiyosaki, which is:


As a sales mentor, this basic but very important lesson has been in my system that I sometimes forget that it is still the key factor of success in selling. Being "always closing" separates the "sales boys" from the "sales men".

Now what does being "always closing" means?

In a nutshell, it's just a mindset wherein you believe and expect that your prospect will always buy. But it is not actually as simple as it seems.

Being "always closing" entails a lot of self motivation, especially when you have already faced a lot of people saying NO to you on most of your sales call. Also the basic rule is that, you as the seller must be totally sold to the idea or product you are selling.

Remember the "sales call" I had with the cashier at Jollibee. All the time she expected me to buy what she had to offer. Although, I declined that Sundae part but she already had made me say YES on the three other products she had to offer. More importantly, she had been smiling to me and expected me to buy all the time.

Being closing is not only a "thing" that you do when you're selling, like I told you it is a way of life. Be always closing when you're talking to your boss, when you're buying a new mobile phone, convincing your wife not to buy another new dress, when your kid wants to buy a car, etc....

I know you get my point. Now go apply your new sales mentor lesson.

Dedicated to your selling success,

Sales Mentor TM


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