Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm A Salesperson - Are you?

SALESPERSON. What does it really mean?

Wikipedia defined it as a person representing an organization or person in business.

Thesaurus offered a couple of synonyms like abettor, assignee, attorney, broker, commissioner, doer, executor, go-between, handler, negotiator, operator, proctor, promoter, salesperson.

Finally, the very dependable Mr. Webster defined salesperson as a person employed to sell merchandise (as to customers in a store or to customers that are visited).

Now for my highly intellectual definition (at least that’s the way my wife puts it).

Let’s break it into two parts.

Sales – a transaction involving a transfer or exchange of goods/services/merchandise that has an equivalent value to both parties often relating to a transfer of money.

Person – Human being/individual/someone/personality. Obviously we all know what a person is, unless you are a 3-yr old kid who hasn’t started school yet.

Add it up together and we’ll easily get the definition of a Salesperson which is an individual who ensures the proper and successful transaction of the exchange in goods with the equivalent money. In other words, he is the one who is doing the actual selling process (more on this on my next blogs) and bringing home the bacon for the company.

However, only a few people have discovered the fact that all of us have the ability to sell. In fact, in most of the routine things we do in a day, we are actually “selling”. We sell stories to our friends like gossiping about actors daily and trying to “persuade” them to believe us by using what we heard from Kris Aquino or Boy Abunda (like the change in love teams between Bea Alonzo/John Lloyd to Sarah Geronimo/John Lloyd). Like the way wives convince their husbands in buying stuff for the house (c’mon, when does an expensive vase became a necessity?) Or when we arrive home late, stinking like we just came out of a beer bath and still we painstakingly convince our wives that we just had a few drinks after work when in fact it took us an hour just to start the car. Heck, even our kids “sales talk” their way on us when they need a new Transformers toy that their classmates already have.

Personally, I consider selling as a day to day activity that it is almost how human life revolves. When we transfer our ideas to another person regardless if he receives it or not, it is already a kind of sales call.

My point - we are all Salespersons in our little way, we are just not that aware of it. But as long as there is an exchange of ideas, we are selling and we are earning whether it is a person’s trust, love, a toy, and for the common aspect of a Salesperson - money.

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Dedicated to you selling success!

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