Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Let's Learn the art of Selling

Have you ever heard these following questions?

  • Who is my Target Market?
  • How can I reach my Target Forecast for this month? (It seems I just have a few days to go…)
  • How can I get this customer to trust me?
  • How can I improve my volume by not spending too much on programs and display allowances?
  • Where can I grow my volume and develop a new niche?
  • What are the local marketing and sales programs I can do to improve the businesses of my dealers and retailers?

If these are the kind of questions you think about daily, then we are currently in the same shoes – the Sales and Direct Marketing business.

I am writing this to you; to those sales people who have experienced the hardships, the happiness, the pain and as well as the great rewards of being a sales person.

Whether you are selling a popular product or trying to sales talk your mother to let you take her car to the party - I’ll be your online sales guide and sales mentor. Together, we will learn the scientific and proven techniques to effectively persuade our “customers” and have a blast practicing and applying what we have learned.

I welcome you all to this new way of learning to sell interactively, wherein we can all give our suggestions and reactions on what we feel is the most effective approach to increase our sales.

In my coming post, we will start with the basics and slowly progress to featuring different sales situations, the selling process, types of close, and many more. Also each month, I will also feature to you marketing initiated programs done by different companies (whether local or international) in which we will try to break it down into the details and establish their assumptions and it's effectiveness.

That's it for now, you will be hearing from me on the next coming days.

Dedicated to your selling success!

Sales Mentor Online


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