Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Most Successful People Also Failed Tremendously

Stand up from your failure, Source : Flickr

The last and probably the most important benefit you get from learning how to sell is, it allows you to fail more.
Although for most people, failing is a negative thing but I believe there is a great benefit from failing. And from my personal experience as a sales mentor, failing has been the main reason I have been successful.

Weird, right? But let me cite a few people who failed tremendously but became one of the most successful and influential people of their times.

First, King David of The Bible. He was an adulterer, yet he became one of the greatest kings the world has ever known. He conquered a lot of cities and lead many successful battles.

Micheal Jordan. I remember watching "Micheal Jordan's Playground" (a documentary of Jordan's greatest moves). He was asked why he is able to make so many winning shots. His answer was amazing. He said, "well I've just learned to make as many shots until the ball goes in."

President Abraham Lincoln. Many of us know that Abraham Lincoln was a great leader but he had a failing family life. He lead millions of Americans to a bright future yet he failed to keep his kids and family intact.

Albert Einstein. Obviously, Einstein discovered one of the greatest equation/formula of all time and was considered a brilliant scientist. Yet in his early years in school, he failed many subjects. He was even called stupid or dumb by some of his teachers. Now he is a total success in our eyes.

Need I mention some more? I personally think that there are already millions of successful people that "failed" their way to success. In fact, the right word for "failure" is not actually "failure" but "temporary setbacks".

So here's my intelligent advice to you as a sales mentor. Learn to sell your way to success.

By just selling, you get to fail more, and understand that failing is just a numbers game. At the start, many will say no (unless you have a product that is as important as air). But sooner or later, as you get better in selling, you'll have a higher percentage of success.

Thomas Edison said it best, "I am not discouraged because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward". So go ahead and fail your way to success, or rather sell your way to success.


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