Friday, July 30, 2010

Sell And Have A Network Of A Prince

The Network Of A Prince
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I remember my first sales call in the main office of a big chain of restaurants that offers ice cream concoctions, ice cream cakes and other kinds of desserts using ice cream as a basic ingredient.

The owner was Mr. Edwin. A young but very stern CEO of the company I was calling to.

I think it was probably the hardest sales call that I have ever done in my entire career as a sales mentor. But after several meetings and tailor fitting of his needs, I was able to close an exclusivity contract with him.

My sales volume increased tremendously. Management praised and thanked me. I received a hefty commission. But what is even greater is that Mr. Edwin and I became very good friends.

When I got transferred to other areas, I was able to meet many entrepreneurs that also became good friends of mine. I went out and have coffee with them a couple of times. I was invited to their private gatherings. I was able to witness many business owners' achievements and failures. I have traveled and visited a lot of beautiful offices and have handled many customer complaints and objections.

My point?

I meet lots and lots of people by being a salesperson. More specifically, I have a Network of a Prince.

In all my years as a sales mentor, I've met politicians, business owners, entrepreneurs, doctors, soldiers, policemen, nurses, students, teachers, government employees, logistics people, marketing people, competitors, architects, plumbers, electricians, programmers, and etc.

When learning to sell, you grow your network. And when you grow your network, you have a high inventory of people. Therefore, more people to sell to.

So learn to sell and have a Network of a Prince!     


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