Thursday, July 29, 2010

Once You Know How To Sell You Already Have More Options

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The next benefit you can get from learning to sell is related to our number two benefit.
Imagine your career as a one big river. It flows steadily and at a very consistent rate. It provides home for all the fishes in it. It waters the trees and plants around it. And provides food for many people. In essence, it carries with security.

But one day, a drought came to your big river. You assume it was just temporary so you stick to your big river. After a while you were proven wrong. The flow of water gets lesser and lesser each day. The fishes start to die. The plants and trees starts to die. And eventually food for the people also begin to disappear and soon everything will perish.

It is like this when we depend our entire income in one big company. We think it's stable, yet one day, everything at work is in chaos. The shareholders are unhappy, and decides to close it all.


Even if I was not a sales mentor back then, I knew all along that selling is a very important skill. It may not give you millions right way but it will surely give you other options. More importantly, I believe selling is the skill that every entrepreneur possess that gives them an edge against from an employee.

Entrepreneurs know that at the end of day, you must be able to sell or your business will not survive. In my years as a sales mentor and marketing consultant, I've seen many businesses fail because of this lacking ingredient - poor sales and marketing.

So aside from your current job, go and sell other products or services. We will never know, maybe one day it will help you quit your job (unless you love your job that much).

So go and learn to sell, it certainly gives you more options in your career!


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