Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Top 5 Benefits You'll Learn From Selling

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I remember asking my father before a question that changed the course of my life - "Dad, what profession will legally allow me to go out and talk to many people?". My father answered, "Well, when you're a salesperson you are always out on the field and you talk to all sorts of people. I guess that profession would be in a sales or marketing industry."

After that day, I resigned from my job as a process engineer and sought to find a sales job that would provide me the best sales training. (Surprise? Yep I wasn't always a sales mentor or salesperson.) Like most sales professionals, I too wasn't always a sales person. I just loved to talk and never wanted to stay in one place.   

I actually believe that we all can sell. Whether young or old, and in any gender, we could be very good salespeople if we choose to. We all have beliefs, right? When a person has a belief, he can convince (sell) anyone. Secondly, I also believe that selling is the very foundation of being an entrepreneur.

In the business world, too many businesses fail because they lack that basic skill which is sales and marketing. In fact in one of my old post, "sell to survive", I mentioned that selling could be the answer to today's difficult economy.

Hence, I am making this post to encourage all the people (not sales oriented ones) to start selling something so that they can grow their income and in the long run, help the economy. Also learning to sell can also affect many aspects of life that could change your financial life.

So as a sales mentor, here are five (5) tips that you can learn from selling. 

1. It will lower your invisible-self-defenses

2. It can grow your income

3. It gives you more options

4. It grows your network

5. It teaches you to fail more

Once you start selling, these will be the benefits that you will immediately gain. Actually, these are the sales lessons that I have written in my heart. I know that one day, when my business is already doing great, I will be able to thank all my sales mentors for sharing their time and experience.

On my next post we will go through the details of each sales lessons that you can learn by experiencing to sell.


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