Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Grow Your Income By Learning To Sell

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Probably this is one of the most exciting benefits in learning how to sell - it can grow your income.

As a young student at an expensive University in the Philippines, I had to be more creative in my studies wherein I had to earn money and study at the same time. Luckily, I was blessed by the Lord with a great talent of being friendly and being talkative.

During that time, I started to sell mangoes to earn money for my allowance. It was very difficult at the start, and since I did not have any sales mentor at the time, I made many mistakes. After a month, I started to become better at selling and have already started to learn a basic sales theory, "sales is not sales unless paid and collected".

On my third year in college, I joined a network marketing company to further grow my income. At that time, I already got over the fear of facing people, hence, I did better in my selling efforts. Instead of just being able to provide for my allowance, because of my selling skills, I was able to pay for my tuition fees and buy books for myself.

At a young age, I was already immersed at the fact that selling is a very essential skill if I wanted to grow my income. I knew that by being able to have a product and there is a market, you can sell your way to earn for a living.

Even today as a sales mentor, I juggle my profession as an active employee and entrepreneur at the same time. I sell for my company, and manage my team of salespeople. And on the side, I sell real estate, used cars, and other stuffs at a bargain.

So I believe I have driven my point across, learning to sell can truly grow your income!

My suggestion to you is this, look for a product or service that you believe or enjoy yourself. Make sure, it is not connected to your current job. In fact, it would be better if you could join a Network Marketing company wherein there are products that you believe in.

It will be hard at the start, but once you'll be able to close one customer, it becomes easier by the day. Slowly your bank account will grow, and one day you will come back to my sales mentor website thanking me for this advice.

So learn to sell, and grow your income!


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