Monday, August 23, 2010

Is Ms. Mexico Worth Winning The Ms. Universe Crown

Mr. Trumph Greeting the Ms. Universe 2010 Contestants
I know that I promised you a new set of sales mentor lessons for my coming post but I couldn't help but talk about the winner of Ms. Universe 2010 - Ms. Mexico.

While everybody would say that Ms. Mexico won because of her beauty and gorgeous smile (so gorgeous that it makes me melt) but I would disagree.

It would be better to say that Ms. Mexico went there to sell her way to the hearts of the judges and the entire Ms. Universe crowd.

What did Ms. Mexico do? She followed a basic sales process to close the deal with the judges of Ms. Universe 2010.

First, Ms. Mexico went through rigorous training before she could get to the international competition in the Ms. Universe 2010 pageant.

Second, Ms. Mexico kept providing the "needs" of the judges, the crowd, and entire Ms. Universe pageant.

Lastly, Ms. Mexico followed the very basic selling technique - she was always closing.

In fact, when it was down to only Ms. Jamaica and Ms. Mexico, she tried her best not to show her emotions and kept her beautiful smile.

In the end, she followed the very basic sales mentor process that I always teach - Sell your way to Success.

Congratulations to Miss Jimena Navaratte who took home the Ms. Universe 2010 crown. And to all the Ms. Universe 2010 contestants, Ms. Mexico out-sell all of you.


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