Saturday, November 20, 2010

iCarly Buzz - Sales and Marketing Lesson

There is actually a buzz right now about Nickelodeon's show - iCarly.

To give you a brief background:

iCarly is an American Teen Sitcom that focuses on the life of a girl named Carly Shay who decides to start a web show name iCarly, together with her close buddies Sam and Freddie. The show stars Miranda Cosgrove as Carly, Jenette McCurdy as Sam, Nathan Kress as Freddie, and many teen actors/actress that contributes to the fun and interest to its many viewers. 

The show premiered on Nickelodeon last September 2007 and has been grabbing the public's attention months only after it's start. Now iCarly is already at it's fourth season, and again is still getting a lot of attention specially for the teens in different countries.

Now maybe some of you are wondering, what the heck this have to do with being a salesperson or a marketing person?

Well again there is a great sales mentor lesson to be learned from the show iCarly. Although I have to be honest, I've just taken notice of iCarly just a few weeks ago. (Of course, I'm a full grown so watching this kind of shows on a day to day basis would be weird, right?)

But the sales mentor lesson that I really admire from the show is "they do what they love". Yup, the show mostly shares teen humor that would be a bit corny for us adults but one thing is for sure, Carly and her friends do what they do because they love it.

This is how we should be as well in our careers. Actually, I prefer to say in life. To be fully happy, we have to do what we really enjoy/love.

So many are aware of this thought but only a few really dare to do so.

So whether you are in sales, marketing, media, engineering, human resource, showbiz, or whatever, but as long as you don't do what you love, success will always be far from your reach.

Like me, learn from iCarly and here friends. Do what you love and succeed on it!


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