Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Learn from The Best SALES Mentor!

As I started my sales career, I really didn't care much about learning from other sales mentors. I felt that reading and attending external sales trainings is only for people who couldn't really sell.

I was very eager to attend trainings about products, but I took for granted other sales trainings that I thought was a waste of time.

I only changed, once I attended a network marketing training. At that time I was not familiar with network marketing and really hated anything that had to do with that kind of business model.
But suddenly, I sat at that training was listening emphatically. And much more, I was near closing and convinced to invest my savings in that network marketing company.

After a weeks with the company, I became friends with that network marketing trainer and found out that he attended many sales trainings (both external and internal). Also that he read many sales training books and audios.

To make the story short, that instance in my life change my sales career for the rest of my life. Now, I am 101% an ambassador of getting sales training at anywhere possible.

And I would like to share this book (Secrets of Closing the Sale) and audio (The Secrets of Closing the Sale) to you so that you as well may learn from the very best sales mentor of all time (my personal opinion).

So as you local sales mentor, I advise you to get as many sales trainings as you can. I know at times, sales meetings and trainings tend to be boring. But rest assured, it's all worth it.



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