Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Sad Closing to the Vizconde Massacre - Hubert Webb and 6 Others Acquitted.

Acquitted Hubert Webb of Vizconde Massacre
Picture courtesy of Yahoo Philippines
After 15 years of trial, the final decision has been made on the Vizconde Massacre case. One the most in human crimes ever done in the Philippines, the Vizconde Massacre now to a close.

I am not a witness of the entire crime, nor was I there when the entire Vizconde Family was all brutally murdered (except for the father - Lauro Vizconde who went out of town), so I really have no right to judge. But as a sales mentor and as a fellow Filipino, I cannot help but site a few observations.


Is the Philippine justice system really that slow? I mean, whether Hubert Webb was guilty or not, it certainly does not have to reach 15 years for the court to fully on decide whether Mr. Webb is or not. There has to be some kind of way that we can shorten the process for justice. It is both painful and frustrating for both Mr. Vizconde and Mr. Webb.


Sorry if I have to say this, but this is the only I can express my thoughts (through my sales mentor blog). In my opinion the DNA samples that acquitted the accused should have not been given of great value by the court. For the main reason of technology. Certainly, during that time DNA sampling and investigation was still not a part of the SOP of the NBI, so obviously it had been overlooked.


I pity whoever the culprit was. I may have not been Hubert Webb who was the head of the suspects in the Vizconde Massacre, but the one who did is really in trouble. Maybe not on these world, but one day he will pay for his sins. If not to man, then he will have to pay to a higher power.


I hope they both forgive each other. I know it sounds crazy most especially for Lauro Vizconde, but I think it's the only way they can fully attain peace.

Hubert Webb said he has forgiven the people who have done him wrong, and I hope Mr. Vizconde will be able to do likewise.

For whatever reason, I know one thing for sure, God has purpose.

We Filipinos might not understand now but it will all be clear one day.

Among the acquitted-accused of Vizconde Massacre was Antonio Lejano, Micheal Gatchalian, Pyke Fernandez, Miguel Rodriguez and Peter Estrada were also given the freedom.

I do not know what Mr. Lauro feels today, but I can only pray.

God will always bestow His justice in His due time.


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