Tuesday, December 21, 2010

3 Best Ways to Say Thank You, the Sales Mentor Way.

The Sales Mentor Thank You

In my years as a sales mentor and a salesperson as well, I have learn that there are really simple things that you can start right away that will help your selling efforts a lot easier than any other day.

This sales mentor technique is called the "genuine thank you".

There are a lot of high-paid sales directors and managers out there that have forgotten the essence of a real thank you. Of course they thank their bosses, like the CEO's or GM's of the company, yet they have trully forgotten how to say thank you.

So here I am again, your sales mentor knocking on your doors, that you allow me to share a little sales mentor lesson to remind you of how important a thank you is.

So first the step of a genuine thank you is be appreciative to everyone rather than being critical.

Most of us know that saying thank you, is a "branch" of gratittude but only a few realize that gratitude is also an accumulated attitude.

Don't just thank your customers, thank your spouse for her
daily care. Thank the janitor for doing a great job in cleaning your office. Thank your grumpy sales manager for pointing out your mistakes. Thank the barber that always gives an extra massage after your haircut.

Always remember, grattitude is an attitude. So be thankful as often as you can and you will not only improve your sales career but most especially your personal life as well.

The next step and the most important - thank yourself as well.

Yup, this is the most important way to really say thank you. As it is said, you cannot give what you do not have. So start by saying thank you to yourself first. As you appreciate and see the goodness in yourself, soon you will appreciate and see the goodness of everyone.

Lastly, be thankful even if your expectations are not meet.

This will be a bit weird but please bear with me.

I'm not saying you should become a soft-type-salesperson, that you no longer take courage to climb bigger mountains because you are already thankful of what you have. But you need to be grounded that not everything you expect will be done or successful.

After applying of these three steps, all of your thank you's will definitely be genuine. Though, I am not saying you should not say thank you now, but a genuine take thank you will take decades to practice.

Hope this lesson has help you. This is your sales mentor online.

Happy Selling.


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